Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Celebration of My Tumor Free Ankle...

New shoes.

I've never owned flats before, but walking Asheville in heels is really painful, so I can honestly say I purchased practical shoes.
I've started seeing a new G.P. Dr, who I'm really liking. I told him I was really concerned with the weight gain I've experienced, and he took one look at me and said I was most likely pre-diabetic, and today my blood work confirmed it, (I also have a few other really weird results, that he is working on,) so, massive changes in my eating are required; he called it, "Sensible Paleo." As someone who loves to bake, and whose life revolves around food, this is going to be tough.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

cute shoes - I've gotten into those little ballet flats lately - cute look with jeans or skirts - not quite able to handle the pointed toes.
Interesting about the pre diabetic diagnosis - will follow this closely because I've had a HUGE weight gain and feeling awful - due for a full physical next month and will bring it up with my GP/family practitioner
yikes - the whole paleo thing SO goes against my personality - I am a breads and grains person big time! Cheering for you ladybug - you can do this!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about the pre diabetic diagnosis :( I'm always worried about it because my grandmother had type 2 and so does my dad. I try and be careful, and my last blood work was good, but you never know. I'm always concerned that high blood pressure medication contributes to diabetes so I'm trying my best to be conscious of what I'm consuming as well, but paleo :( Not a fan of that.

Cute shoes by the way :)