Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm Back.

From Florida, where I met my new granddaughter, Brooke Charlotte, (though we all keep calling her Charlotte.)
While there both Darlene and Sarah drove over from Orlando, so we could visit, mom and Dick came over for the day, and I even got to visit with Keith, who was in from NYC.

Ray took the three oldest kids camping for the weekend, so I got to spend time getting to know Jackson, who really only knew me as the lady on the computer.

While Sarah was visiting, we went to the Oxford Exchange; my favorite place in Tampa.

I want to live in the Oxford Exchange, its so beautiful.

Four generations.

The kids love dancing, so mom and Dick gave them pointers.

Oliver with crazy hair and a cape.

This gigantic pepper grinder, at William Sonoma. Do you think anyone will buy it?

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Elizabeth said...

Fun pictures. Cute little baby doll :) The pepper mill is clearance at our WS hahah. I can't even imagine where you would keep it in the house!