Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Catch Up.

Friday I got a message from Caroline, saying she was in town, (From Oklahoma,) and would I like to meet her at Sierra Nevada. You think??? I hadn't seen her in four years, and she is now a very happily married lady. We managed to get trapped, unable to leave the brewery, due to a downed power line. If you have to be trapped somewhere, I highly recommend Sierra Nevada. (They have solar power.)

Saturday we went to Hendersonville for the Apple Festival. I really don't go for the festivities, but to visit with Renee,and David, who are from Hendersonville, and drive up from Florida every year to attend.
I got to meet this lovely lady, Teresa, who Renee grew up with, and who I found out, reads my blog!

(See how hazy that photo is? That would be humidity.)

Our Labor day feast...eaten on Saturday.

Sophie had a cookout at The Beehive, for anyone who wanted to attend. It was so nice to have people to hang out with on Monday. In Florida, there was always a chapel pool party, and we've really missed that these past few years.

My brother Ken, has been doodling a lot lately, and I told him how awesome Gelly Rolls were, and he bought himself a deluxe set. When he sent me a picture all his new pens, I texted him that I was very envious. So he overnighted me a set form Amazon!!!

Chalk art at LAAFF

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