Friday, August 07, 2015

This Has Been My Week.

Surgery went well, and I survived all the drugs they shot into my body. My tumors, and a lot of fibrous tissue are gone, (The Dr had to scrape my ankle bone,) and have been sent off to pathology. I keep peaking at my ankle, because despite all of the swelling, it's so much smaller now, and hurts less than before the surgery.

Oliver has been my constant companion this week, never more than a couple of feet away, often sitting on the sofa with me, kissing my head, and making sure I have water, LaCroix, and a full coffee cup. He is such a sweet boy and reminds me so much of Megan at this age. Megan has been cooking me comfort food, and going out every morning to get me an americano.

Having this surgery has made me realize just how blessed I am with friends and family, praying for me, calling, and texting me to see how I am, and Brewier and Megan, who take such good care of me. I love and appreciate all of you <3


Kathleen said...

just seeing this! i hope you are feeling better. you definitely have a good companion. :)
love and healing prayers to you.

Elizabeth said...

I hope when it is all healed up it is as good a new! Oliver seems to have such a sweet relationship with you, and he will always cherish all the memories with you as the years pass.

Vickie said...

I guess the first comment didn't make it. Glad to see you're doing well and being taken care of with so much love. Miss you too!!!