Wednesday, August 12, 2015

People Make Me Happy

This week has been much like last week, spent on the sofa, ankle elevated above my heart. I thought I'd be crafting, and reading and getting some things accomplished while recovering, but there is little I can do in this position. Sunday, against my better judgement, I ventured out to a fair well get together for one of our beloved baristas, Daniel, and his wife Hannah; they are leaving for Israel and will be out of country for three months.

By the time I got home I was feeling pretty bad, and the following day my ankle was red, hot, and swollen...and I was running a temp. My dr gave me an rx for an antibiotic, but I put off taking it, hoping that homeopathy and lots of prayer from friends, would heal my ankle. It seems to be working, yay!

Yesterday we had a visit from long time friends, Trent and Allison, and there four lovely children. I've know Trent since he was a teenager, and after he and Allison were married, we did wine parties, and New Years Eve slumber parties, with them. I have lots of good memories with this special couple.

One thing I am able to do while recuperating, is look for houses to rent. It's a wasteland. For fun I started looking for house for sale that would meet our needs, while fun, it's a bit depressing since we can't buy, especially when you find the perfect house in the perfect location.

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