Friday, August 28, 2015

I Weigh How Much!?

I know I've been sitting around a lot lately, but when I saw the scale read 6 pounds heavier this week, than last, I knew something was up. I went to the Dr yesterday, and when he weighed me I was much less than at home, so I checked myself on Megans scale, and it lined up with the doctors. I told Brewier that we need to pitch our scale and get a new one. He replied that our scale wasn't that old...umm, we've had it thirteen years, I think we are justified in purchasing a new scale.

Our house hunt continues; it's so discouraging, especially when I see how much cheaper it is to live elsewhere, but we love Asheville and have become settled here. I keep trying to divise ways that the four of us, plus Megans business, can fit in a 1400 square foot house.

We are in our pre-fall weather right now, and it is beautiful. Humidity is low and our morning temperatures are in the low 60's. I know the summer heat may return, but right now, ahhhhhh. Oliver and I are taking advantage of the beautiful mornings, by eating breakfast outside, while wearing our warm sweaters.

I was in my lounge chair napping, while Oliver created his own lounger.

This gave me such a flash back to when Jessica and Megan were little. I spent everyday sitting outside in a chair reading, while they played. Now I do that with Oliver, while watching out for bears.


Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear nothing has come up yet. Is there an outlying town that is slightly up and coming like the place I just moved to? I'm about 10 miles away from the town I lived in for 28 years, and some days it feels odd that I'm not there anymore but really is silly because I'm only, with traffic, about 15 or so minutes from down town. The rent just drops out here and the houses are actually cuter :)
The house we are in right now is just shy of 1,500 sq feet and since we have a huge basement, it became more doable for us, I suppose you would have to find something with some sort of office add on?? I'm happy that you have more time than we did!!

J said...

There are some really nice towns around Asheville, maybe that's the way to go!