Friday, August 21, 2015

I Don't Think Anyone is Updating Their Blog.

Yeah, it's been almost a week since I've updated. The past three weeks, everyday has been pretty much the same. Lie on the sofa, foot elevated, peek at my wound, watch something on Netflix, peek at my wound, eat the food Megan makes me, peek at my get it. Tuesday I had my stitches out, and got the pathology report from my Dr. No cancer! But, granulomas, chronic inflammation cells, and rheumatoid cells. I also found out the reason my ankle healing so slowly, is because there is no fat or tissue, just skin over bone.
Mom and Dick are here again, visiting on their way back to Florida. Tonight we watched the first two disks of, "From the Earth to the Moon." Dick worked on the Apollo lunar module, and got to ride in the vomit comet, several times; I really enjoy listening to his stories from that time.
Mom and I went out to TJmax, to buy her some NON old lady clothes. I bought yet another grey t-shirt. I have lived in two stretchy skirts and three t-shirts, ALL SUMMER, and they are worn out. I have clothes in my closet that I really like, and would be happy to wear, but they are all too small, and I refuse to spend money on larger clothes.
This weekend we have two rental houses to check out....I'm thinking part of my blood pressure problem might be stress from knowing we have to find a house, and that I have to pack up everything again. UGH.


Elizabeth said...

Oh I'm sure the stress is making things not good. It's such a horrible feeling that we both have to keep moving :( I'm praying I can stay put for a bit. My husband recently said that at work they are eyeing him for a European position in France again. I blurted out, NO! I sure loved our time there, but the thought of moving anywhere, including France again, makes me terrified. I know it sounds like it would be a great opportunity, but I have my reasons why I don't want to go back! Visit yes, live no.

I hope one of the rentals works out. It seems like you have to go to a bunch of junkie ones to get to the gem! Hang in there!!

Just Me said...

Tricia, Thankful there is no cancer. Sorry, though, that you again are facing packing and moving. I also hope you find another gem.

Linda Sue McKinney said...

Glad no malignancy - can you buy some bigger clothes at Goodwill? 'cause wearing worn out things can really bring one's spirits down!
BTW - I've battled my weight (the weight often winning) most of my adult life - I have 3 sets of clothes - FAT, OK and I'll never be that size again but I love these outfits