Friday, July 10, 2015

You Know How My All Time Favorite TV Show is Friends?

And how I've always dreamed of a coffee shop to hang out in, and be a part of, just like the characters on Friends? Well guess what I realized after spending five hours at the Bee Hive, today? My dream has come true! Yes, I really was there for five hours. I hadn't planned on being there that long, but it was a slow day at the Hive, so Phillip, (Barista, and Biltmore, wine guy,) and Megan, went out to get ham, cheese, croissants, and a baguette, to snack on. Yes, for real, this is my life.

Here's Sophie giving me the finger. No, not THAT finger; the finger that says, "Don't you dare take my picture."

The spread.

Megan and Oliver in their Tesla shirts, in honor of his birthday, today.

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