Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Big Crafty.

Megan was invited to be part of the Big Crafty Art Event, this year. Shirlee, came up from Florida to help out; we really need to get her and Estevan to move up here.

Brewier, Oliver, and I usually hang out with Megan and walk around, but it was SO humid, that we just did a quick walk around, and left.
We drove to west Asheville, to check out the progress on the HGTV Urban Oasis home; it looks great. the houses around it however, look bad. Really bad. Chain link fences, animal cages in the yard, junk strewn across the lawn, (Can you call weeds a lawn?) kind of bad. Whoever wins this house is in for a surprise.

I really like how the designers incorporated these large stones as the steps.

Olivers big request for the day, was to go to the park. He had a great time climbing, but laughed the hardest when he was spinning Brewier on the kids toy.

Once home, Oliver and I were on the sofa watching Netflix, and snacking on pretzels, when I look over at him as he says, Maemae! Look how good I can balance."

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Elizabeth said...

Oh man that is a shame about the neighborhood by that house :( I would sell it if I won it and move somewhere else hahah.