Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life.

Please tell me you can hear the sarcasm in my voice. That song has been running through my head quite often, of late. You see, we've had a steady stream of guests since the end of May, and I've been living the vacationing tourist life, even more than usual. Last week, I was at the Sierra Nevada Taproom, 3 times in four days, the place is like an adult theme park.

I felt so Wes Anderson, taking this photo of Megan.

A beer bottle chandelier, and a wall of living plants.

We did a self guided tour of the brewery. This shot reminds me of the museum scene in, "Ferris Buellers Day Off."

Megan was happy to be there.

Oliver gazing at the bottling machinery.

The brewery has only been operating for a couple of months, but has become such a popular tourist attraction, that they are already expanding.

Nearly everyday we go to the Beehive, for coffee, and to visit with other regulars. It is the entire realm of my social life. We've also decided that we will do our baguette, ham and cheese, lunch, once a week, because sharing food is fun.

My niece, Patricia, and her daughter Remedy are our next visitors, and will be arriving around lunch time. I guess I should start thinking about a menu plan for while they're here. Of course....there is always, Sierra Nevada.

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