Saturday, July 04, 2015

It's Been a Weird Day.

After two weeks of visitors, it's just the four of us at home, and it's been raining all day; it definitely doesn't feel like the Fourth of July, despite my American flag, and red carnation decor. No fireworks here. I'm not completely bummed out by the rain because it gives me the excuse of sitting and reading, "The Martian." We are having a momentary break in the weather, so Brewier is lighting the grill for hot dogs and hamburgers. Megan picked up the very last dvd of, "Independence Day," at Target, for us to watch tonight. It used to be one of our favorite Friday night movies, when the girls were young.

Tomorrow, Brewier makes the 6 hour trip back Edenton. Come August, he will be living back in Asheville, and is currently looking for another job.

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Elizabeth said...

It's a weird day here too! We aren't even celebrating the 4th. David is working because of a new system being launched, so I'm not really in the mood for fixing any food. hahaha.