Thursday, July 02, 2015

I'm All About Beverages.

First, thanks for praying for me friends. Megan went with me to my Dr appointment, its nearly impossible for me to go alone, because I always get poisoned. The staff and the Dr were all very nice and accommodating, even finding me a room without carpeting, for the Dr to examine me in. Between that and the air purifier that I brought along, I did pretty good. As far as the tumor...not much was learned. I'm going to have an MRI done, (no contrast dye though,) and hopefully we will learn more after that.
Today was a lot of fun; We all, (Shirlee, Estavan, Greg, Megan, Oliver and I, all went to Sierra Nevada Brewery for lunch. They have delicious food, we ordered quite a few things, and nothing disappointed. The guys wanted to tour the brewery, so we left them to their fun, and went to The Beehive. After hanging out there for an hour, we went to the Biltmore winery, to do some tasting with Philippe...and if he looks familiar, it's because he's also a barista at The Beehive!

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Vickie said...

Sorry I missed your post about a Dr. visit. I hope and pray everything went well and
it's nothing serious!