Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Will Never Live in a Tiny House.

I thought I could, and it seemed like a perfect solution to our financial situation, (except now that tiny homes are hipster/popular, they cost as much as a traditional home.) Then, I came to my senses and realized what Brewier knew all along. I'm a nester, a decorator, and I love to have people in my home, to shelter and feed. I would be miserable in a tiny home. I still have a Pintrest board dedicated to the tiny house, I love some of the space saving ideas, but I don't see myself living in one. Oliver however, was looking at my Pintrest board and got really excited, and asked if we could build a tiny house together, so I guess I'll keep my options open...and I'm still on the hunt for a travel trailer.

These are the two photos that got Oliver very exciting about building. I can see him having a future as an architect, or builder.

Today, I may have had my arm twisted to join this merry band of friends, at the Sierra Nevada Taproom.

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Elizabeth said...

Maybe camping, but not living in that tiny of space!