Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Five Times in One Week!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Thats how many times I visited the Sierra Nevada taproom last week. Thats how many times I drank beer and ate duck fat fries, and is why I now live in stretchy skirts and t-shirts. I hadn't planned on eating there that often, but everyone who visits us wants to go to the taproom, and we've had lots of visitors.

My niece Patricia, and her daughter Remedy, traveled from KY, to spend the weekend with us. I had such a great time talking to Patricia, because she too loves fashion, and we have a similar aesthetic; I pretty much repin everything she puts on Pinterest.

Sunday instead of a brunch, we had a cookout. It consisted mostly of chips.

While here, Sophie cut my hair, and as she was cutting, my brother Ken, his wife Stephanie, and son Gavin, knocked on the door. They had been in Gatlinburg for the weekend, and drove the extra 90 minutes to visit Asheville. Ken, is Patricias dad :) And he wears a kilt.

Late Sunday afternoon, Ken and I were walking around Asheville, when I remembered our longtime friend, Glen, who is touring with the Freddie Jones Band, was playing that evening at a downtown venue. We walked to it, peeked in the doors, and saw our friend doing a sound check. Despite not seeing him since 1980, he recognized me, and we got to say hello.

So I was standing weird in that picture, because my back was hurting, and the wind was blowing my dress away from me, making me look really odd...like a balloon with a pingpong ball head.

Brewier found this desk on Craigslist, for free! Its three feet by six feet, and has really nice vintage hardware, but I think I'm going to take the top off, make some iron pipe legs, and call it my dining table.

Yesterday I dumped out all of my buttons, and started making button necklaces. Oliver, "Helped."

I found some clip on bangs on Ebay, and Meg bought a pair. Today she had our friends at the Beehive, put them on. I laughed, So. Hard.

In random news, I'm supposed to have my tumor removed August third. Yikes.

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

For a moment, I thought your niece was actually Megan and I was DYING over her hair. It's amazing.