Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why My Blog Has Become So Boring.

I'm sitting here trying to organize my beading supplies, (oh yeah...I forgot I'm a crafter!) and listening to the Kate Havnevik, station on Pandora, (fantastic,) which is sending me into melancholy city, circa 2005. For me the past is seen through rose colored glasses. I started reading blog posts from that time, and showing Oliver pictures of his mother, when she had bright pink hair. What made a bigger impression than the pink hair, was the fact that in the picture I showed him, Megan had a plate with three pastries on it."Um, Maemae, those are a lot of treats, and a lot of sugar," he told me.

As I sit here and blog this I realize why my blogging has slacked off, and the reason so many of it's pictures are of Oliver. That would be because Oliver is always next to me, talking nonstop, and ....I just lost my train of thought due to his chattiness.

This is me right now.

Oh well. Of course now I'm laughing hysterically, because I just asked him to dance, and he is grooving and singing to Kate, as well as blinding me with his flash light as he makes shadow animals for me.
In five years, I'll be looking back at these days, wishing I could have them back. But right now, I wish I had a few minutes of silence to compose a thought or two. And yes, he is still talking.

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