Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I'm being extra lazy, and not taking many photos; but so far this week...

Oliver spends hours playing with the cushions and pillows off of the living room furniture. His latest mission: see how high he can stack the pillows, then climb on top and stand without falling. He's eight cushions high here.

I forged a piece of art work. I loved this print that I saw in an Etsy shop, but didn't have the money to buy it, so I painted myself a copy.

Someone is building this tiny house in the parking lot next to Walgreens. I'm infatuated with tiny homes and will investigate further.

"Please Maemae, can I have this for my next birthday?" And for the record, it's his desire to wear his hair parted down the middle, something both Megan and I abhor.

Little Sophie, and Oliver.

Asheville has some fabulous architecture.

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