Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I Thought it was Thursday.

Brewier didn't come home last weekend, so all my days have been pretty much the same, leaving me wondering what day it is. Thank goodness Oliver has a calendar hanging in the kitchen. Yes, I know I've blogged that sentiment more than once before.
Today was Lego day at the library. Megan went incognito. This could be why no other children joined us.

The mask is one of Olivers, latest Goodwill finds. His other find, purchased at the same time as the mask, and part of his warrior ensemble, is a pink, light up, disco ball, spinning wand with a lion on top.

Megan is planning to get a haircut in the very near future. Here she is toying with the idea of bangs. I sent this photo to our friend and stylist, Sophie, telling her we no longer needed her services, as I had already cut Meg's hair, because I enjoy messing with people like that.

Seen today in downtown Asheville: well lots of unusual stuff, but as we were sitting at a stop light, I noticed this guy in his 50's, playing a game of basketball, dribbling across the lot, then shooting the ball...except there was no ball, or net, or other players..but he seemed to be having a great time just the same.

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Elizabeth said...

My days have been so weird too with the move! I have no idea what day or date it is sometimes.