Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Friendly, Fun, Edenton.

We spent the past weekend in Edenton, where Brewier is currently living. It's a cute, historical town, that used to be a major port, and was one of Blackbeard's hangouts. There are so many beautiful old homes; they are just breathtaking. Brewier resides in one of the historic buildings on the main street, which is currently a wine shop, (he lives above it,) but it used to be a brothel. Living above a wine shop offers Brewier a social life, something that is usually missing when he's working away from home. There is a courtyard behind the building, and every Saturday night, is vinyl night, where a local guy comes and plays songs from his collection of vintage records. We had a great time listening to music and sipping wine.
We took a boat tour of the harbor, and our guide, "Captain Mark," shared the history of the town and many of its buildings. What impressed Oliver the most, was that Mark let him steer the boat, all by himself, for about five minutes.
We drove to Elizabeth City, another port town, 30 miles away, and stumbled across their, "Juneteenth," celebration. Oliver rode the train, played on a giant inflatable slide and had his face painted, all for free.
We left Sunday afternoon, and once in the car, Oliver covered his face and cried himself to sleep; he really misses Brewier.
We all do.

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J said...

What a cool town!