Thursday, June 18, 2015

Farting Larva, and Other Fun Stuff.

Oliver has a new favorite show on Netflix, called, "Larva." There is no dialogue, just sound effects. The entire show is about two gaseous larva. Oliver thinks it is hilarious. I am bewildered. Nope, still haven't made slip covers for the horrid blue chairs.

I saw this guy leaving Chipotle. I wish I'd been able to get a better picture, because he was ROCKIN the '80's attire and haircut. I was very impressed.

Every Tuesday evening there is an event called, Hoop Jam, at Pritchard park. We got there before it started, but that didn't stop Oliver from getting his groove on, much to the enjoyment of the mostly wasted, homeless people.

Summer is here and so are the buskers.

This is not a busker. This is Brewier trying to convince me he needed a green, pinstripe, thrift store jacket.

This vintage magazine cover, was my $1, thrift store find. I really did need it.

There is something about this row of hangers that is very pleasing to me.

Octo boy at Malaprops.

Inch worm season is here, and Oliver has decided that since he can't have a dog, he will gather up inch worms and call them his pets. He talks to them in a sweet little voice, and likes to put them on the sofa, so they are comfortable. He found one downtown, and carried it all over the place, until it dehydrated and blew away.

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