Monday, June 08, 2015

Catching Up, and Lady Stuff.

I'm going to play catch up with this post, but first I want to direct you to this article on menopause. It's the most accurate description of menopause, that I've ever read.
If you are a female, read it. If you are a male, (do any men other than my husband read this blog?) read it, so you can get insight to the craziness of female hormones. It's not about hot flashes, thats is the easiest part of the change. I related to SO MUCH of the article! The depression, the endless crying and feeling of hopelessness, becoming invisible, and the crazy personality change that made me get rid of some treasured possessions, and considered walking away from my family. One of my big fears in life, is that there will come a time when I can no longer afford my bioidentical HRT.

As far as the last week goes, Hmmm...Saturday Megan Oliver and I went to a yoga class at the Beehive at 7:00 AM! We had a great time, and Oliver listened and participated through the entire class; I was really impressed. (And I'm not just saying that because Im his grandmother. Other people commented on him too.)

Yesterday Sophie came over for brunch, and I asked her to trim my bangs. Before I knew it, she was giving me a haircut. I love when a talented stylist just starts cutting without me giving any direction. No, thats not sarcasm, thats for real. In the afternoon we went to the Biltmore; so much is changing and expanding there, except for the wine tasting. Fewer wines, and such tiny tastes. I watched our server count out five drops per glass. It wasn't enough to taste the wine, so several times I asked her for a second taste, and she would count out 4 drops. It was so frustrating that we left without purchasing anything.

This morning we went to Chimney Rock, stopping first at Mountain Mojo, for our morning americano. Oh my goodness it was so humid out this morning, we were all having trouble breathing. The elevator, (which we rarely take,) was shut down, so everyone had to climb the 500 steps, huffing, puffing and dripping sweat. We had a great time, and ate our packed lunches in the car on the ride home, because it started to looking like rain; which I am still anxiously awaiting, so I can put on my pj's, make a cup of coffee, and read a book.

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Elizabeth said...

What beautiful vistas! So far menopause has made me fill teary at times and I hear you with the hopelessness :( Not fun at all. I rarely if at all have any hot flashes, but the sadness and constant worry about getting old is really starting to bug me! My sister and I constantly are on the phone talking about this so it helps to have her to put a funny spin on it at least!