Sunday, June 14, 2015

Brewier is Kind of Like My Grandpa.

I've just drowned my sorrows, (Brewier is gone for another week,) in a glass...okay, two glasses, of red wine, and I'm now I'm eating Breyers, mint chocolate chip ice cream straight out of the container; boy, is it ever good. I've been craving it for three years, and I'm finally indulging. It's not that I have great will power; I just know how sick it makes me.
Brewiers day and a half home with us goes by far to quickly. Saturday we do garage sales, and thrift stores, then Sunday, I usually have someone over for brunch. Today I cancelled brunch so we could have some family time. Oliver has been begging to go exploring in the woods behind our house, so he and Poppy, spent about thirty minutes tromping around in the forest.
As far as the title of my blog, well, my grandmother was very crafty; ideas would run through her head and keep her awake at night, something I can totally relate to. Unfortunately, as she got older, her asthma, and macular degeneration, prohibited her from carrying out her ideas, so my grandfather did it for her. This is what Brewier now does for me. It truly is a labor of love, because crafting,and painting are not something he loves doing... but he loves me and, likes to make me happy. Todays project was spraying a 1970's antique brass lamp with Looking Glass spray paint, in attempt to make it look like mercury glass. It wasn't quite as successful as I would have liked it to be, mainly because I failed to instruct Brewier on how to do it. I forgot he couldn't read my mind. Oops. I've also realized it would have cost less to go to TJMax, and buy the lamp that I liked.

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