Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Time Fun.

Megan turned 30 on the 27th, and Sarah and Ethan flew up from FL, to help us celebrate. We went out to lunch at Modesto, and are sitting at a sidewalk table, and I'm watching this guy walk toward us. "Wow, that guy looks just like Jerry Seinfeld," I say to Megan and Sarah. Megan turns and looks at him and says, "That IS Jerry Seinfeld!" Apparently he was performing in Asheville that night.
Sarah, Ethan and I went to chimney rock; Sarah made it all the way up. Ethan and I went to the top of the mountain, called, "Exclamation Point." I thought I was going to pass out.
Today we drove to Johnson City, TN, to take Ethan to his cousins house. I hadn't seen Kim in years. She too is chemically sensitive, and had to move away from Florida. We had so much fun visiting, crafting,(I wood burned a lizard on a spoon,) and cooking, (Kim taught me a new way to make kale chips.) Then Kim's evil yellow walls tried to blind me. When I got home my brother Greg was here, and after dropping Sarah off at the airport, we went to the new, Sierra Nevada Brewery. The place is gorgeous, and I highly recommend touring the place, even if you aren't a beer drinker...but do try the duck fat french fries. Oh my goodness; delicious!
This evening a couple of Megan's Florida friends arrived, for an impromptu visit. I love having a full house.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

couple of possibly unrelated comments - you must be the BEST friend ever -your friendships are deep and lasting. Ethan looks SO Much like his daddy - amazing. Oh and Sara - simply doesn't age does she? she gets more attractive as the years pass but really looking older - nope.
Megan - you are a hoot and a half - love the "Oh I'm SO surprised selfie"