Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Witty Title

Make up your own because I've got nuthin.
Yesterday I had more energy than I'd had in the past 6 weeks. I told Brewier I'd rest, and use all that good energy for healing, but instead I rearranged my living room, then moved everything back to its original place. Then I felt like death. The one thing I didn't put back was the tv. It has sat in front of the window for over a year now, and I hate the thing. It's huge, and we don't even use it, so I put it in front of the fireplace. Now it kind of disappears, and I can see all the beautiful trees outside my house.

I rested for a bit and drew robots for Oliver to paint, then asked him to draw me a robot. I think he did a fine job.

While Megan and Oliver were at the pub for trivia night, I hung springs from a crib on my guest room wall, and am using it to display photos. While I was waiting for the kids to get home, I stood on the back deck, enjoying the fragrance of all the blooming things, and listening to all the night noises, including the sounds of bears. When Meg got home, she told me she nearly hit a bear on the drive home, thankfully, there were no other cars on the road and she was able to break, and stop the car. Whew.

Today I did rest, and read this book in one sitting. I really, really enjoyed it. I love when a book has me hooked from the very first sentence.

Here is how I changed up the furniture. Notice the black hole of a fireplace/tv?

I didn't like how squished the living room felt, or how much wasted space there was; it felt a bit like a bowling ally. Do you see Oliver wearing my reading glasses? He snags them at every opportunity, then walks around the house, laughing at how wavy it makes the floor.

I love my view now that the tv is gone.

And now, taking a cue from Jane and her blog;

today I am thankful for:
my improved view
good books
friends who pray

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Elizabeth said...

Lovely view!