Saturday, May 16, 2015

So That's How it Happens.

I've always wondered how blogs cease to be updated. How do you just abandon your writing? What I've noticed is that, there will be a lapse in updates, then an, "I'm back, I can't believe its been so long," post. Then nothing ever again.
I can see that happening to me, since its been a week since my last update. So much goes on and I don't want to take the time to blog everything, because I'm lazy. But I know in the future I will regret these lapses, so here goes.
Last week Megan's best friend, Shirlee, was here for a visit, missing mothers day, and her sons second birthday; because thats what BFF's do. Megan was teaching her how to package product, so when Christmas rolls around, Shirlee can fly up again and help out Megan with the business. I would love to package her prints and postcards and shirts, but can't be around the ink. So sad.

Monday evening my mom flew up from Florida to spend a whole week with me! Our first stop home from the airport was Wicked Weed, for fish and chips.

Moms trip over lapped with Shirlees, which was a lot of fun. We all spent Tuesday roaming around downtown Asheville, splitting up at lunch time. Megan and Shirlee went to Lexington Avenue Brewery, while Mom and I tried a new to me restaurant, Modesto. Mom and I had a great time, with some of the best food I have EVER eaten, and she even charmed our waiter into making us organic peach Sangria, an item not on the menu. After eating, we met up with Megan and Shirlee, who were sad and hungry, as their food had been literally, uneatable. (The past two time's I'd gone to LAB, I experienced the same thing, which is why I ate elsewhere.) We told them about our amazing meal, and wonderful waiter, so we all went back to Modesto, for more food and sangria. It was quite a fabulous and memorable day.

Thursday we went to the Biltmore, and mom toured the house, and saw the Downton Abbey exhibit one last time before it is packed up. While she was in the house, Megan, Oliver and I left to have lunch with Kelly, at 12 Bones. Oliver loves her.

This is a wisteria vine! I'm certain it must be an original plant from when the Biltmore was constructed. The park benched is dwarfed by this gigantic vine. went back to eat lunch at Modesto. It is that good.

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