Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Dad Was Don Draper.

Do you watch Mad Men? Tonight is the series finale, and I'm a bit sad. I don't watch many shows, but the ones I do watch, I become emotionally invested in. I refuse to watch season 10 of, "Friends," because as long as I don't watch it, they are all still living in NYC, and hanging out in Central Perk, forever in their 20's.
When Mad Men came on tv, I was instantly hooked. It felt familiar, and icky, all at the same time. It was a car wreck I couldn't look away from. My dad was Don Draper; a salesman working out of NYC, he was brooding, distant, secretive, always with a cigarette. Don't get me wrong, I loved my dad, but I didn't know's the reason my mom is unable to watch the show; it hits too close to home.
But when tonight's show is over, I will mourn, just like with Friday Night Lights.

On a more pleasant note, Sophie came over for brunch this morning. We all sat around and took the Myers Briggs test, and not too surprising to me, Megan and Sophie are the same personality type. We love Sundays with Sophie.

I buy my coffee from Sophie's shop, and she writes sweet notes on them.

Brewier and Oliver spent a lot of time together this weekend, at the park playing, and at home drawing robots.

This mama bear was in our yard, teaching her three cubs to climb a tree. I consider it such a privilege to get to witness this bit of nature.

Tomorrow my mom goes back to Florida. I can't believe she has been here a week, the time has flown by too fast.

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