Saturday, May 23, 2015

Like a Tourist

After taking care of some legal paper signing yesterday morning, and a trip to my chiropractor, (who is correcting the damage I did after my fall earlier this week,) we all got in the car and went to Chimney Rock. Oliver has been asking to go climb rocks for weeks. We were going to hike the trail out to Hickory Nut Falls, but the pollen is so heavy, (when the wind blows it looks like rain, but its actually pollen,) I was having trouble breathing, so we went down the mountain to the kids educational area. It was great! The trail was the perfect hike for Oliver, and was very interactive with lots of fun facts about animals along the way.
We left the woods, and drove out of the park to Chimney Rock Village, which looks cute, but is actually store, after store of all the same cheesy merchandise from China. This would be Megan, rocking a cat head.

As we played in the water, we noticed that someone had gone along the river, and balanced rocks atop each other; not an easy feat.

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