Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Came Face to Face with Megan's Worst Fear.

No, its not Brewier, or giant acorns. I just put that photo there so Facebook wouldn't put up a picture of the amazon logo, which is what it does when I don't have a photo in my post. Anyway....
Yesterday I walked out of the house, and came face to face with a bear in my driveway. Both the animal and I had the same reaction. We stopped dead in our tracks, looked at each other, and as I turned and walked back into the house, it ran back into the woods.
Shirlee is back in Asheville for the weekend, this time her husband Estevan, (who I bribed with promises of an apple pie,) and the kids have joined her. Megan has had trouble packaging prints due to her injured finger, and Shirlee is here to help out. In a perfect world, Shirlee and Co, would forsake Orlando and make a new home here in NC.

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