Friday, May 01, 2015

How Old Do I Look?

Jane posted this fun to play with website, on Facebook. I spent 30 minutes playing with it this morning, and have come to the conclusion that their algorithm is a mess.

This is me on my 53rd birthday.

Flattering, but lets get real.SO I put in one of my recent chubby faced pictures. 28? Get real. (Brewier is 63 in this one, I'm 52.)

So I thought I'd upload a REALLY old photo from 1982. I was 20, not 15, and Brewier was 31. Maybe this is why people always thought Brewier was my father. (My brother, whose face is in a background photo, is 15 months younger than me.)

Here is a picture from October. The light was great, and I think I look better, and younger in this photo, than any other, yet the site said I looked 41.

And now, gulp, me right now, fresh out of bed, no makeup, and face puffy from my salty, Chipotle dinner. No better way to test the accuracy, right? Much closer to my actual age.

And now, I will go put on moisturizer and makeup.

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