Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Flowers Everywhere. Not the Good Kind.

So, looking at yesterdays photos of my furniture...ugh! I really need to make slipcovers for everything, but as I said before, I'm not in love with sewing. I would rather reupholster them, that would be fast and easy, but because there are people living in this house that eat buttery popcorn while sitting on the sofa, (as in me, and Brewier,) I need something washable. And just incase you were wondering, the yellow walls still torment me. That was one of the reasons I was moving the sofa in front of the bookcase; the view opposite that is a lovely grey wall.

Have I mentioned that Brewier has an interim job, 400 miles away, on the outer banks of NC? He has rented a really nice apartment that is above a wine shop, in a historic building. Thursdays the owner of the shop has, "Vinyl Night," on the back patio, so it's been a good opportunity for Brewier to develop a bit of a social life. His apartment for the most part is unfurnished, so we bought him an Aerobed, and found two of these chairs and an ottoman, in all their floral glory, at an estate sale; under $70 for all three pieces. The chairs, like my sofa, are from the 1990's, and I had thought about slipcovering them and keeping them for myself, but the ancient, blue, Ethan Allen chairs are more comfortable.

Have you seen this floating around the inter web? I sent the link to Brewier yesterday, because it could have been drawn from our life.

Our weather is glorious, and I'm blogging from the back deck. This weather reminds me of when I was in my late teens, living in a really tiny town, in KY. The smells, the sounds, they make me so melancholy,wishing I could time travel. All I want to do is sit outside and read, just as I did in my youth.

Three things Im thankful for:

This weather

Happy memories


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Linda Sue McKinney said...

I don't sew - pretended I was going to relearn a couple of years ago - bought a pricey sewing machine and never ever plugged it in! When Michael and I married - I faced the reality of not even wanting to sew and gave the machine to a young girl who loves it. WHEW - that all said - I admire you for the ambition to do something other than sit outside and read - 'cause I think that is the perfect way to spend a May day