Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beer City Festival

I really like beer, so living in Beer City, is pretty enjoyable. I don't drink beer on a regular basis, but I enjoy the varying complexities of the brew, just as I do in wine and coffee. I tried to get tickets last year for the beer fest, but they sold out pretty quickly; this year I purchased our tickets as soon as they became available. Brewier is not much of a beer drinker, in fact when I met him he loathed the stuff, but I've worn him down and he now enjoys the occasional mug. We weren't sure what to expect at the festival, I mean, unlimited beer from over 32 local breweries, for six hours...things could get pretty gnarly...except this is Asheville. The people attending were beer lovers, not looking to get drunk. It was laid back, everyone was mellow; there was no pushing or shoving, I saw no drunks, and heard no arguments. The 3-4 police officers strolling the grounds looked pretty bored. We had a great time, talked to several interesting people, listened to music and sampled lots of beer. Except for a few sips of a coconut stout, that tasted like dessert, I stuck to IPA's, my current favorite beer. We didn't come close to trying every brewery; we're light weights.

We watched as this gal would peel the backing off of a sticker, then reach out and rub her guys back, along with other places. He had no idea how decorated he was.

Men in kilts are a regular site in Asheville.

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