Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring at the Biltmore

Yesterday was overcast, heavy with the possibility of rain, and we hoped this would deter the crowds at the Biltmore, but sadly that wasn't the case. We did a short walk through the gardens, admiring the tulips in full bloom, and the rose gardens, manicured, and awaiting warmer weather. I know my photos make it appear like we were the only ones there, but that was just lucky photography.
The crowds and unruly children left us on edge, and we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Wicked Weed. As it was National Beer Day, I indulged in their, "Freaky Friday," double IPA. It was delicious, as was our fish and chips, and candied brussel sprouts with bacon lardons, (which I replicated at home today.) We made it to our car just as the rain started, and Megan steered us in the direction of Sophies' coffee shop, The Beehive Coffee Bar. Coffee, and torrential rain, makes for a lovely afternoon. Oliver sat by the front window, watching the rain, when all of the sudden lightning struck right next to the shop. Such a bright light and loud boom, I thought for sure it would scare him, but he just turned to us and asked, "What was that!?"

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