Monday, April 27, 2015

Scones and Tea.

After running errands this morning, I felt pretty crummy. All my hormones are out of whack, and I'm going back to my Dr. on Thursday. Whenever I'm feeling run down I make myself milky tea and scones. Probably not what my body needs, but it's what I want. I have an ancient Martha Stewart recipe for oat scones, that I've tweaked over the years, that are perfect for days like this. I make and shape the dough on a day when I'm full of energy, then freeze the unbaked scones so that when I have a craving, I can remove one or two scones, and pop them in the oven while I make a pot of tea.
I couldn't find the written recipe, but did find a video of Martha making the scones. I don't use whole wheat flour, and I cut the sugar in half. I vary the recipe, sometimes using blueberries and lemon zest, or cranberries and orange zest.

As I ate my carb and gluten loaded treat, I read this article about a family who only eats steak, and drinks water. This intrigues me because steak is the one food I can eat without having any kind of adverse reaction. Could I live that extreme, since food is what I do for fun?

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Elizabeth said...

I love oat scones!! There use to be this great place in Berkeley that made this really good ones and served their homemade jams...Oh boy they were yummy. I have tried to reproduce them but they aren't the same! You haven't lived though until you have a "Cream Tea" in England. My husband kept telling me about them, and I was like Ya Ya, ok enough about cream teas! Then I had it! OH MAN! Of course the clotted cream is what makes them, and you will never find it here in the states sadly, because the cream is made from a breed of cow that is in the UK only :( I have a picture of it from a trip we took to Cornwall back in 2009, if you want to see it hahaha.