Monday, April 06, 2015

No One Can Resist the Power of the Buttons.

I've been working on my button flowers, so my desk is covered in a pile of bright buttons. No matter who walks by, the inevitably stop, to make a colorful stack of their own.

Mom and I stopped by the Biltmore gift shop, and tried on Downton Abby hats. She bought me the one I have on, and I wore it all day. It will be perfect for next winter.

Mom and Dick left early Friday morning, but I just found out that she will be flying up in May, to spend a whole week with me!

Friday night we were walking downtown, and stopped by Horse and Hero, where some of Megans' art is for sale. A gentleman just happened to be purchasing some of her work when we walked in, and was delighted when she agreed to autograph it for him. Then another man approached her with work he had bought, and asked she would sign his purchases too. It was pretty cool.

Easter morning could have been depressing, not being able to go to church, or spend the day with family, but we had invited our friends Sophie and Jess to brunch, and were so happy to have people to cook for! I hope they become regular visitors.

Oliver and I have been collecting robot parts, (trash,) for about a month now, and today he assembled his creation, and played with it much of the day.

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Elizabeth said...

Tricia it is so nice to see your mom looking peppy and happy after that scary time she was ill and you were so worried about her. She sure is a cutie! How fun that she is coming back in May to spend a week with you!

I hear you on celebrating holidays with missing family members :( I miss Nicole so much around these times. Every year without her on the holidays always tinges the day a bit with sadness for me.