Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's Go Fly a Kite.

Megan bought Oliver a kite, a few weeks ago and he has been begging to fly it. Today at the park there was a slight breeze; just enough to get the kite off of the ground and put a smile on this guys face.

After the park we drove through the grounds of the Biltmore, I was hoping to see the azaleas in their full glory. Sadly that happened about ten days ago, and many of the blooms have faded. It was still quite pretty, and felt like we were driving through a story book picture.

The Biltmore is a working farm, and we got to see the sheep grazing just outside of their barn.

I went to Publix again today; it was just as busy as yesterday, but still so much fun to walk through, and tomorrow I'm making that key lime pie!

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