Friday, April 17, 2015

I've Been Feeling Pretty Crummy Lately.

It's my excuse for some of the negativity in my posts of late. Monday, it took me two hours to get out of bed. Not the, "I'll just roll over and sleep a few more minutes," kind of morning, but the, "I can't move my body to roll over and am barely breathing, kind of tired." If you have a chronic illness, you know what I mean. I saw my Dr yesterday, told him about my symptoms, including the 15 extra pounds residing around my waist, (seriously, my pants and bras fit fine, but my waist is huge!) and he is now doubling my thyroid medicine. I hope it's that easy of a fix. I had to have blood taken, and Oliver was very interested in watching the process; then today he requested to sit and watch my adjustment at the chiropractor, (who he refers to as, "the Cracker Dr," because he can't say chiropractor. My Dr was not amused with this title.)
We have had the rainiest week, but this is what the rain brings. Everything is blooming and is so fresh and beautiful. Poor Oliver has inherited most of my allergies, including hay fever, and his right eye was nearly swollen shut today.

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