Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Vow to Blog Everyday Next Week.

Honestly I will. Until then, more pictures.
The azalea's are gorgeous and in full bloom here, and I have an especially brilliant bush outside my bedroom window. The flowers reflect the sun and turn my bedroom pink for a good part of the day.

Sophie practiced her coffee art on my honey latte. We're calling it, ummm... a ghost. (And if you ever go to the Beehive, I highly recommend the honey latte!)

Yesterday Megan, Oliver, and I, drove about an hour south to Flat Rock, to visit a tiny home community. I had made reservations for the open house event they were having, with food, music and fun. We got there and were asked to park our car in a field at the far end of the community in a patch of really high grass, so the parking lot wouldn't get to full. We registered, then after 45 minutes of standing around listening to an old man playing around with the volume on a sound system, and no food or fun, we left. Both Megan and I got the creeps from the place, and we weren't allowed to tour any of the houses with out a scheduled, guided tour. While there were a few really cute homes, most of them looked like trailers, and the place was laid out like a trailer park...and our car was the only one that was asked to park in the north forty. Weird and creepy, I tell ya.

Yesterday was, "Party Like a Vanderbilt," day at the Biltmore. I wish I had gotten that memo; we would have all dressed up, just like these ladies.

Instead we sat and listened to the live music, while Oliver ran, and ran, and ran.

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