Monday, April 13, 2015

I Don't Want To, But I Will.

Blog that is. Once I miss a couple of days, it's hard to get back to it; I've also been on a bit of an internet strike. As I've said before, I go to blogs, and they're trying to sell or promote a product, my Facebook feed is filled with, "friends," trying to sell body wraps, even Pinterest has become commercial and throws recommended products in my feed. I miss the olden days of the internet. So, yeah, I've been avoiding it for a week...except for working on watching all the past episodes of Mad Men.
Over the weekend, Brewier and I braved the crowd of tourist and went to Wicked Weed. It was like a real date. For over a year, Megan and I have been telling him that they make the best fish and chips, and now that he has tried them, he agrees. I even got him to try the Freaky Friday IPA, but he said, "It tastes like beer." Blasphemy.

We drove through West Asheville and found the HGTV urban home, that they are remodeling. I'd call it a rebuild, as they tore most of it down first. I would love to win this home giveaway!

I saw these chairs at a salvage store, (really an overpriced resale shop.) I would have never thought to use zip ties and cassette tapes to create a chair.

Brewier and I were at an estate sale and I spied these vintage mother of pearl coasters, 12 for $5. I almost didn't buy them, but they ended up coming home with me. I'm not sure what I'll use them for, but Oliver and I put painters tape on the back of them and experimented with different designs on the wall. In the end, I took them all down.

Are you as tired of looking at all these wall pictures, as I am? I thought so.

Yesterday was gorgeous, so we foolishly joined the throngs of tourists at the Biltmore. We only went to the gardens; the tulips are spectacular! Sitting at a table in the garden, answering gardening questions, was a friend of Megan's, who is a gardener at the Biltmore. He gave Megan and I each a little bouquet of flowers that he made. We then got dirty looks from everyone we passed. I imagine they thought we picked the flowers. I wanted to show everyone the beautifully wrapped stems, and ask, "Do you really think I could do that?"

And so I can be up to date, a picture from this very rainy morning, while we were at Mountain Mojo. Megan is talking to Max, our coffee buddy.

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Elizabeth said...

I don't know, I kinda liked those posters on the wall :)

I sure wish I had someone to hang out at a cute coffee shop with :( I was thinking about you the other day, when I realized I have no friends that like coffee :(

Love a good fish and chip dish! Best ones I have ever had in my entire life was in Scotland near St. words for the tastiness!