Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today Has Been Weird.

I'm sure it has to do with how little sleep I got last night. It was midnight before I realized that Americano at 3pm, was probably why I was still wide awake. I took some magnesium, put Netflix on my iPad, and fell into a blissful sleep around 1am, that lasted for exactly 30 minutes, when Oliver started crying out for me. I got him back to sleep fairly easily, but then my allergies kicked in. Itchy noes, eyes, lips and mouth; I ate a jar of salsa and half a bag of corn chips, trying to burn/scratch the back of my throat. I was wide awake util 4:30, then drafted off to sleep, until Oliver woke up at 6am. I wanted to cry.
I tried to be productive today, but it's like I'm in a daze. I've accomplished nothing and am sitting here wondering where the day has gone.

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