Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Week.

Inspired by Ashely @ Lil Boo Blue, to start painting again.

I used to draw a lot. These are dated 1987, which is ten years ago in my brain.

We've been having quite a few rainy days, so when it cleared a bit yesterday, Oliver and I went outside to throw a frisbee. After every throw, he would run over to a tree and lick rain drops off the branches. "It's good for my body, and makes me healthy." he proclaimed.

He's a funny kid. We were in Horse and Hero, looking at art and he insisted, "Mae Mae, I want to buy this smoking squirrel and take it home." I convinced him that taking a picture with the squirrel was just a good.

Playing games on the phone with Megan at The Beehive, and hanging out with his buddy, Alex, at Mountain Mojo.

Batgirl of Asheville.

I love animal prints, but really?

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