Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Haven't Blogged Because I've Been Doing Laundry.

More specifically, the same load of laundry, over and least half a dozen times. No, I didn't forget about it, leaving it to mold in the washing machine; it was so much more insidious. Oliver wears a Pull Up to bed at night, just incase of an accident. In the morning he undresses, throws his pull up away and puts his pajama's in the hamper. Unfortunately he forgot to throw one of his diapers away, and left it in his pajama bottoms. It then went through the wash. When a disposable diaper comes apart, it isn't soft cotton-y lint, oh no. It's more like fiber glass and plastic bits, embedded into your clothing. After the fourth wash and dry, I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to throw our clothing away, but I persisted. Finally, after the sixth laundering, my dryer's lint trap was clean. Lesson learned; do not throw loads of clothes in the washer, but put them in piece by piece.
After a very warm 72 degree day, we had a cold snap and woke up to a dusting of snow. This guy looks stylish no matter what the weather. He looked at himself in our full length mirror, just before leaving the house, and proclaimed, "Look how handsome I am!"

I taught myself a new craft this week; needle felting. I made a rabbit...well, it's supposed to be a rabbit. It looks more like a cross between a fox and a cat; I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. Monica and I had a crafting visit. While I felted, she worked on paper flowers for a birthday party, all via ichat. Video chat is a beautiful thing. (This was at the point where my felted rabbit looked more like an owl pellet.)

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Elizabeth said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the pull up mess!
Caitlin started felting a couple of weeks ago for one of her classes, and when she took her project to class, the teacher could not believe it was her first attempt at it. If you want to see her cute little fox she made her IG account is caitlincat253