Sunday, March 01, 2015

Florida Face.

Thats what Megan calls it, and that is how I looked most of the time I was in Orlando. No makeup, swollen eyes, puffy face, eyelashes gone from rubbing my eyes so much. This was taken the last day of our trip; we stopped to walk along New Smyrna Beach, because it's our thing.

I got to visit with Vickie, for the first time in 2.5 years.

We spent some time at Jessica's; she is still feeling really tired, and suffering with all day morning sickness.

This is Kate's favorite cup, that she uses everyday as a water glass. It was a special gift from Monica.

I can't believe I got a photo of Clay. He's usually running around so much, I miss out.

Gator gave me this knife, that he made himself. He found the antlers on his dads farm, carved out a notch for the blade, and wire wrapped it in. He told me that this will be his next big money maker. I have no idea what his first money maker was, but at age five, his dad, Greg, went around our neighborhood, selling paper cups, full of dirt, with a lone seed pushed into the center, and called them plants. He sold out, but then he is a born salesman.

So many of the photos I took are missing from my phone. It's randomly deleting photos and I have no idea why.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

knife is a hoot - your eyes and mine are SO much alike - we are having the worst mountain cedar pollen season is like forever --- I truly feel the pain - but also can read the joy of seeing your wonderful peeps!