Monday, March 09, 2015

Escaping the Snow.

Wednesday morning, I was video chatting with Monica, in Indiana, and she was bemoaning the upcoming snow storm, and freezing temperatures. Eight to ten inches of white stuff was expected, and she had to pick up her son Dominick from school at noon. As we chatted I mentioned that it was warm enough for my windows to be open, and that she should pack a couple of suitcases, put her two youngest in the van, and head to my house as soon as she picked up Dominick. She said, "Okay!" because my friends are awesome like that.
Thursday was rainy so we sat reading books, while Oliver and Dominick sat side by side, playing the Lego, Star Wars game, while Miles and Rosalie played on the floor.

Friday Megan kept an eye on the boy's while Monica, Rosalie and I went to the Biltmore.

We toured the house, saw the Downton Abbey clothing, then went on to the winery for a tasting. Monica bought a bottle of Tempranillo, which she renamed, "Elfin Banquet Wine," because that was a better description of the flavor.

Dame Maggie Smith's dress.

Saturday we took the kids to the park and Trader Joes....and, well, the rest of the day is a blur of little people activity.

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