Saturday, February 07, 2015

Popcorn, Scones, Blackberry Galette, and Wine.

That was my dinner last night, and yes, I paid the price by being awake with a stomach ache, from 2am-5am. The galette and wine were supposed to be celebratory treats, but ended up being consumed in despair. Brewier interviewed last week for a job he really wanted. The man who would be his boss said if it were up to him, he would hire him on the spot, but a second interview would be needed, this time with the people Brewier would be working with. That interview was yesterday, and when it was over, the boss guy said he would be in touch to set up an interview with the big boss. Brewier came home elated, until a few minutes later when he received a call saying that his peers didn't think he was experienced enough. Honestly, I think it's his age.
Despite this, he had a back up plan. Wednesday he had been contacted by a nursing home in FL, that needed an administrator stat, as the 60 year old man doing the job, dropped dead. Brewier asked if he could let them know by Friday, and they said sure. He went to call them, and had a message on his phone saying they went with someone else. We went from being happy and full of hope, to hopeless despair in a matter of minutes.

Monday, when life was looking good, we went to Mountain Mojo during a snow storm.

It seems like all the, "regulars," had the same idea, and we got to talk to people we hadn't seen since Christmas. Elizabeth was there, and Megan bought one of her robot mugs for Oliver.

I got this in the mail, from a blog/facebook friend. Its a handblown, one of a kind, pocket galaxy. It's even cooler in person.

I decided to torture myself, by making a slip cover for the ugly blue chairs. It's still sitting in my living room like this, and I can't even think about trying to slip cover the second chair.

I saw this guy riding on his motorcycle yesterday. I couldn't tell what his bike was covered in, but what ever it was, he was adorned with it too. Plastic have no idea.

This is how I found out that Jessica is expecting baby #5.


Just Me said...

Tricia, the people that you work with get to pick and choose, perhaps they had a friend that was hoping to get the job. Stupid way to try to get the best people for the job. Sad for Brewier to go from 'hire you on the spot' to not experienced enough. I would think an older person has more life experiences that gather more wisdom so this company lost out big time. So sorry. :-(

Cute way to find out about Jessica's new baby.

J said...

Ugh- that's the worst- to be so close and having the rug pulled out from under you! Having gone through this when my husband was downsized from his job of 23 years I know the emotional roller coaster you are on, just hold on and try not to lose hope. An answer is out there- it's just taking its sweet old time!