Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Ice Baby.

As the sleet pounded our house last night, I played that song for Oliver to dance to; he loved it, and asked for another dance party tonight.
Today we spent the day iced in; I never got out of my pj's, but that didn't deter me from baking five dozen cookies. It should have been six dozen, but I ate a lot of dough...it's a good thing I had stretchy pajama pants on.
Oliver has kept himself entertained, building things with his Mag Formers, pretending he is a robot, by putting two long boxes on his arms, (and a spider man cape,)and running around the house, karate chopping things. (I found him laying on the floor, daydreaming, when I took this photo.) He also made a special Valentine meal for us. Megan may have helped.
We also went to Kelly's potluck dinner. Normally, potlucks are an iffy thing for me, and I usually come home feeling sick, because so many people cook with mixes, creamed soups, or boxed foods. Kelly however, works as a pastry chef at one of the restraunts downtown, so most of the people attending her dinner, were chefs, or foodies. I have never had such delicious food at a potluck, and no tummy ache. Kelly plans on making this a monthly get together...oh yeah!

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Elizabeth said...

Love that picture with your Valentine window decor! Looks so cute :)