Monday, February 09, 2015

Escape From Reality.

I have been on my iPad playing some mindless game, All. Day. I never do that.
This weekend was gorgeous; it was 70 degrees and sunny here yesterday, so we ate on the back patio, and tried to soak up some vitamin D. Brewier and I took Oliver to Chimney Rock on Saturday, so he could tromp around in the woods and climb rocks. I sat on a log and drank coffee, watching my men and gazing at the mountains.
Today I pulled out some supplies so Oliver could make Valentines. That kept him busy for about five minutes. My mom called and she is off to New Orleans in the morning to ride on a Mardi Gras float and throw beads. Should my 75 year old mother really be more active than me?


Elizabeth said...

I too escaped today from reality hahah. I wandered all Berkeley by myself and went Valentine shopping and to my beloved Berkeley Bowl to shop for veggies :) I love wandering around on my own!

Elizabeth said...

oops, all around Berkeley hahah