Thursday, February 12, 2015

....and Then I Unpacked.

I'd been toying with the idea of a trip to Florida; Brewier and I always spend our anniversary, (Feb. 15th,) at the beach. This morning we decided to make the trip, so I arranged our accommodations, texted a couple of friends, and packed my bag. Then I checked the weather and the pollen count. The weather is going to be gorgeous...and the pollen count extremely high. I remembered the reason we always spent our anniversary at the beach was because it's the only place I could breathe. If you look through previous years pictures, you'll see my swollen eyes, and puffy face. I tearfully canceled our trip, and unpacked.

Kelly, our friend and barista from Mountain Mojo, is having a potluck at her house tonight, and I'm happy I won't miss it. After reading this post on letting yourself go, at The Glamorous Housewife, I went and put on makeup; something I haven't been doing lately. Why? Lets just say menopause, and depression have hit hard, not to mention that extra 25 pounds I'm carrying around. My face, (as well as the rest of my body,) has shifted hemispheres, and makeup and clothing has become a challenge. Who is this person in the mirror? It's a bit of a downer to realize that today is as good as it gets; that it's all down hill from here. Yeah, it's a big time pity party here.

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