Sunday, February 15, 2015

34 Years...How Can That Be?

Today is my anniversary. As I've said before, I don't feel older than 32, so being married 34 years is...well, weird. I remember seeing pictures of couples, celebrating their anniversary, in the newspaper. Once they reached their 25th anniversary, all the women looked the same. Plump, going grey, grandmotherly. OMG, thats me! Brewier posted photos on his Facebook page, of us through the years. I was showing them to Oliver and he didn't recognize us; he asked, "How did you get like that?" I tried to explain to him that we used to look like that, we're just older now. He thought I was being silly. I guess we do look a bit different now.

I made a delicious mushroom tart for lunch. FYI, anyone who comes to visit me, (I'm talking to you Sarah,) is getting this tart and a glass of my new favorite prossecco. SO. GOOD.

I also made a blackberry galette, beef stew and a big pot of chili, because when the temperature is in the single digits, it's what I do.


Elizabeth said...

Happy anniversary! Love your wedding dress!

Just Me said...

Dear sweet Oliver....needs some glasses. You look just the same to me.

Tell, Oliver that the best things in life are aged....cheese, wine, beef, balsamic vinegar, friends, pickles, old movies, leather anything, memories and, of course, Love.