Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where Have I Been for the Past Week?

Sick... and I'm still sick, but this didn't stop life from happening around me. Oliver turned four on Tuesday, and Brewier turned 64, on Wednesday. Sixty four. Thats a scary number to me.
Oliver had a small party with his friend Alex, and Grandma Janny flew up from Florida, to spend the week with the birthday boy.
We caught two mice, using Megan's catch and release method, where you put peanut butter on the end of a paint stick, then lay the stick on the work bench, with the peanut butter end hanging over a very high box, (mice have little springs in their feet and can jump really high!) The mouse walks out to eat the treat then falls into the box, and ta da! Brewier was trying to get it out of the box by catching it with a pair of tongs, so he could drop it in a jar and take it outside. He wasn't having much luck, so Megan put the jar into the box and the mouse hopped right in. This little mouse was so chill! He seemed happy to be in the jar, in the house, it was like he had been someones pet. I guess after welcoming him with bird seed, peanut butter and candle light, he though he was part of the family. Oliver carried him around all morning, before we drove to the foot of our hill set him free. Except he didn't want to be free, and tried his best to stay in his bottle. Eventually Brewier was able to shake him out.I was sad to see him go. The second mouse was more of what you'd expect. Once Brewier was finally able to get it in the jar, it ran in circle, kept jumping and hitting it's head on the lid, peed, pooped, and lay flat on the bottom of the jar, breathing heavily, like it was having a panic attack. I had no problem saying goodbye to that one.
While sick, I've been binge watching shows on Netflix, (The Fall!) my favorite way to watch tv, and reading books. Our library isn't that great, popular books are hard to come by, (I got really spoiled by Orange County's library system,) but I found out that most everything I want to read can be downloaded from the states' library system, through Amazon. Yay!
Okay, typing this has worn me out, so I'm headed back to Netflix.

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Elizabeth said...

Shoot, sorry to hear you are under the weather :(

Happiest Birthday wishes to Oliver! He looks so cute in all the pictures.

The eyes of that mouse are huge! I was expecting more of a Beatrix Potter mouse with smaller eyes. Hahah. I remember as a kid, by brother and I caught a bunch of super cute tiny, tiny mice in the field out back and brought them home to show our mom. She freaked out and my brother got startled and dropped the box of them in the living room!! Hahahah. We really though she would let us keep them haha.