Monday, January 05, 2015

There's a Mouse in the House.

Our first indication of a rodent living with us was the creepy scratching noises in the wall, usually awaking us with a start around 3am. Then during Christmas, when Jessica and her family were here, I stored excess food out in the garage on the work bench. One afternoon I went to the garage to get a loaf of bread and noticed that the end of the bag was ripped open; when I got the bread inside I saw that about 1/3 of the loaf, mostly the crust, had been eaten. I went back to the garage and checked the workbench, and sure enough, there were the tell tale droppings, or as I prefer to call them, "gifts of gratitude," of a mouse. We went ahead and ate the untouched portion of bread, and referred to it as, "Mouse bread."
Today I went out into our garage to start on the laundry. Everyone dumps their clothes in a pile in front of the washer through out the week, and as I was sorting the pile I discovered a pile of bird seed amongst the clothes. This has been happening for the past month, and I just attributed it to Oliver playing in the big bag of bird seed. Today I had an ah ha moment, when I realized that the mouse must be nesting, and storing food in our clothing. This would also explain the mysterious holes that have been appearing on our shirts and sweaters.
I've been hesitant to set a trap, mice are kind of cute. When I was a teenager, we had a mouse living in our sofa, and it would come out at night and sit and watch television with us, so my mom let it lived and it became an honorary pet. Chewed up knitwear however, is a certain death sentence.

*EDIT* Megan researched an easy catch and release method of solving or mouse problem, so I'll give that a try before buying traps.


Elizabeth said...

At least it is a mouse and not a disgusting rat like at my old place! I drove by that old place not too long ago and they haven't change the tile roof on it, so I'm assuming the new owners are enjoying the residents that live int he attic this winter season!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

you are a much gentler soul than moi - mice are vermin in my lexicon and they are not welcome (lived too long in the country - mice in livestock feed = lost money and potential disease)
but a whimsical story and way to deal with a mouse in da house