Thursday, January 08, 2015

More of the Same.

Today when I woke up the temperature was zero. Thats -18C, for my friends outside the US, and that wasn't factoring the wind chill. Our pond was beautifully frozen over, with ice thick enough for Brewier to walk on. Oliver once again piled all of our pillows and blankets on the floor and spent a good part of the day jumping into them.
I have finally caved, and set out a couple of mouse traps. That silly rodent kept me awake form 4am-6am last night. Brewier was out in the garage today and asked if I had dumped the bird seed into a flower pot. Nope; wasn't me. For the amount of seed moved from one end of the garage to the other, I'm thinking we might be dealing with more than just a mouse.

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GREG PFLUG said...

Cold and sunny is good!